The Inkjet Stone Mosaic That You Don't Know

                                          The inkjet stone mosaics are the wonderful design about natural and art. With the natural marble texture and mysterious

inkjet printing surface, the newest series of inkjet stone mosaic will bring a unique wall style. They make your home individual

 and perfect for interior wall decoration like backsplash, bedroom, living room, hotel lobby, restaurant, coffee house, salon, etc.


                                          The combination of tiles with different patterns gives you a retro feeling. Various lace designs and antique wall tile tones add a

                                          different style to homestyle.

                                          Size: 300x300mm
                                          Thickness: 7mm
                                          Finish: Honed Matt
                                          Backside: Mesh-mounted
                                          Application: Internal wall


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28th Dec 2022 union-deco