What Can We Make With Shell Sheet?

Mother of pearl are taken from New Zealand, China and Tahiti, which are the sea areas with the least pollution, the cleanest, and

the most high-quality shellfish in the world. The longer the growth years of deep-sea pearl oysters on the surface, more beautiful

the colors and textures are. The high-quality shell itself is very thick, you will find its color is beautiful from the surface, and showing

 colorful colors in the sunlight, it feels smooth and delicate when you try to touch them.

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                                     Jewelry Box

                                     Various patterns are spliced on the surface of the jewelry box made of wood, and finally a jewelry box inlaid with mother of pearl is

                                     made. While highlighting the value of jewelry, it also reflects the elegance and fashion.The jewelry box with mother of pearl inlay is

                                     sure to make that special lady in your life feel cherished and loved and she will thank you forever. You can place it anywhere in your

                                     home like living room, guest room, bedroom or even your office. It will brighten up the space.


                                      Musical Instrument

                                      Hide small scratches and dents or decorate your instrument with a mother of pearl inlay. You can achieve any patterns on your

                                      guitar, not only flower, animals, but you can sticker your name to as it your exclusive guitar.



                                            In recent years, mother of pearl inlay has not been limited to jewelry boxes and musical instruments, coffee tables, chairs, mirror

                                            frames and even wardrobes inlaid with beautiful pearl layers have appeared in house of most people. The mother of pearl inlay's

                                            raveled design allows them to add an exotic touch to any home decor. 


                                            Personality DIY

                                            Natural handcrafted mother of pearl inlaid crafts are truly gift from the sea. They are covered with natural mother of pearl

                                            patterns, sleek, unique, and well-balanced at any occasion. They are all elegant and unique gift for your family, loved ones

                                            and work partners. Also, as the uniquenss of mother of pearl material, you can not find the second 


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4th Jan 2023 union-deco