UNION DECO Cobble Stone For Paving

Cobble stone is a natural stone pavers for exterior paving, consequently for driveway paving. Especially cobble stone is a

hard sandstone finally that tapers from top towards bottom, therefore provides perfect setting. Furthermore, cobble stone

is used on low, medium and consequently on heavy traffic areas as landscaping stone. Hence various innovative ideas have

 been used in different patterns which produces modern to ancient look.

beige slate-7.JPG

Beautiful cobble stones with a special texture unique to natural stone, they are very strong and durable, perfect for exterior

walls, bathroom walls, driveway paving. The collection offers a solid, natural and textured perspective on the finish.

golden line-1.png

                                           Size: 9x9cm/10x10cm

                                           Thickness: 1.5-2cm 

                                           Color: Green quartz, Limestone, Golden line, Black slate, Rusty quartz, Blue diamond, Black granite, Beige slate.. 

                                           Surface: natural split 

                                           Finish: hand chiselled edges 

                                           Delivery from Xingang,China 

                                           Package: by crate directly 

                                           Back with mesh available

COBBLE Stone (1).jpg

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11th Jan 2023 union-deco