UNION DECO Slate Chip Rock For Landscaping 

                                                   Garden slate chip rock makes a great infill in borders, beds & rockeries, helping to keep weeds at bay and also

                                                   creates a tidy clean looking area. Once you have potted your plant, these stones will look great as a decoration,

                                                   but will also keep away pests such as gnats. These can be used in outdoor and indoor plants. Use them for potted

                                                   succulents, cacti, aloe vera, umbrella plants and bonsai trees.


                                                  It is ideal as pot topping to cover over soil in pots once you have planted your flowers, shrubs and succulents. Pour

                                                  this gravel into vases and use it as vase filler. You can then insert your real or faux flowers and display them in your

                                                  home. They can be displayed inside hurricane vases, candle holders, bowls and baskets for decoration. Use them to

                                                  secure candles and other accessories inside a container. Create a beautiful centrepiece for your coffee table or mantel. 


                                                  Material: natural slate
                                                  Size: 4-8cm
                                                  Thickness: 1-3cm
                                                  Application: landscaping
                                                  Package: ton bag
                                                  Finished: Tumbled or Non-tumbled


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29th Jan 2023 union-deco