Discover Hot Stacked Stone Panels in Union Deco - Market in the United States

If you are wondering about natural looks for your building, whether in exterior spaces or interior. You will enjoy learning how to design with stacked stone panel, and find a solution. I invite you to discover these wonderful thoughts with me.

Discover Stacked Stone Panel Ideas for Updating or Remodeling Your Building 012.jpg

The builders in the United States find several stacked panels ideas they enjoy. 

They import stacked panels for decoration as you see in the image above. We name them by the colors or the raw materials.

The Top 3 Popular Stack Panel Ideas in the United States



  •    Idea 1 - Glacial Black Ledger Panel

     Color: Primary Black and white in vein

    Material: Marble

    Size: 150x600mm per piece

    Baking: Glued/Cement

    Shape: Z Shape / Rectangle is available

    Application: Interior/Exterior Wall 


  •       Idea 2 - White Forest Ledger Panel

     Color: Grey and White

     Material: Quartz

     Size: 150x600mm per piece

     Backing: Glued/Cement

     Shape: Z Shape / Rectangle is available

     Application: Interior/Exterior Wall


  •       Idea 3 - Mystic Ledger Panel 

     Color: Beige

     Material: Slate

     Size: 150x600mm per piece

     Backing: Glued/Cement

     Shape: Z Shape(Rectangle is available)

     Application: Interior/Exterior Wall

Are you ready to explore more panel ideas?


Above three are our recommendation for market in the United States. You will find more magical colors if you make a deep through of stack panels.

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We are passionate about helping our customers find their target stack panels, and actually we have huge raw materials and our own factory. What you need is what we have. I hope I have inspired you to come to explore there items.

Thank you for reading and welcome your inquire!

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